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"Dr. Micheal is a true example of what it means to follow Jesus."


Get to know
Dr. Micheal Spencer

Dr. Micheal Spencer is the founder and CEO of His Tabernacle Family Church in Horseheads New York, which was established in 1998. The church was launched with five people, and today has an attendance of 1100 in a community of 6500 people. 

Dr. Spencer originated Remnant Bible College in 2002, a College known for their successful training in developing Leaders in their ministry calling.  

Dr. Spencer holds a Master of Theology degree, a Doctorate of Christian Leadership and a Doctorate in Theology with Destiny College International.

Dr. Spencer is also a certified Coach with Destiny Coaching Group, and is John Maxwell Leadership training certified.

Dr. Spencer had been married for 32 years

to his belated wife Rhonda.  They have been blessed with three children who all serve in full time ministry. 

Dr. Spencer has since been remarried to Lucie Spencer who serves alongside of him in various parts of the ministries.

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