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Empowering Pastors

Empowering Pastors was established to strengthen, build, equip and

empower the local Pastor and Church to fulfill their purpose for God’s Kingdom in the community.


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Empowering you to unlock your passions and fulfill your destiny.

You possess unlimited potential! LIVE EVERY TUESDAY

The Birthing of Empowering Pastors

When I became a full time Sr. Pastor, the church consisted of approximately 7 people

and they could have all been my grandparents’ in age!

The community was about 5000 people in total. I looked for ministries that were successful to help give me direction on the “how” to grow the Kingdom of God and found that many of the successful ones were too busy to help a young man in ministry.

After traveling full time as an Evangelist, I became aware that so many Pastors felt lost. Not lost in the sense of not going to Heaven, but frustrated at the lack of growth and impact they were making in their community and they could find no one to help them with principles that would help them as individuals; as pastors and for the church.

In 1998 we launched His Tabernacle with 5 people in a town of 6500 people. God blessed, the church grew, but it was more accidental than purposed (just figuring things out). I went to conferences, church growth seminars, all the normal things, but still never met anyone who would invest in me personally and develop the skills necessary to help me grow God’s Kingdom on earth quickly and impactfully.

After hitting the 500 barrier for a couple years and not seemingly able to break that barrier I hired a coach. It cost about $25,000 by the time it was completed and it WORKED! The principles, the structures, and the personal care enabled me to excel and have the largest church in the county. This enabled greater influence and ‘voice’ to change our region for Jesus. I decided then to pursue a Doctorate degree in Christian Leadership to enhance my skills and to validate what the Holy Spirit was placing in my heart. Helping smaller to medium sized churches in smaller communities was burning in my heart, and today Empowering Pastors does just that; connecting and empowering local Church Leaders and their leadership to accelerate in reaching their communities for Christ.

Our Target Area

Pastors and churches that are small or medium sized who seem stuck and need skills and structures to move the vision and their leadership forward.

Why is Empowering Pastors so valuable?

Local Pastors many times feel alone even when they are part of a larger denomination.

Empowering Pastors gives that personal, ‘get to know you’ touch, that enables me, as the

Founder of this ministry, the insight to know what principles to impart to the Pastor(s) and to the board to establish effective growth.

When does the ministry/ teaching take place?

Each Pastor is so diverse and their community is so unique, the best results are accomplished by booking in-person coaching sessions with me to personally be present to help coach, advise and strengthen the Pastor(s) and the Board. This gives me the opportunity to work personally with the Pastor(s) of that Church offering concentrated coaching for that particular ministry and community as the focus.

Also, every Tuesday from 12-1pm (Eastern time) I teach and record leadership training classes available in person, or via livestream.

Where is the training available?

Every Tuesday from 12-1pm (ET) it can be found on the Empowering Pastors YouTube channel.We are also available to come to your churches or ministries for hands-on training with you and your staff.

Empowering Pastors Resources



Emotional Intelligence Assessment 


Trimetrix Assessment

The Dis-Factor: Long-Term DIScouragement: The #1 Reason Pastors Leave the Ministry

This book covers the #1 reason pastors leave the ministry and experience long-term discouragement.


This 365 day devotional book is packed with faith and power for your daily life.

Dr. Spencer’s belated spouse also penned books for churches and individuals for personal and spiritual growth

Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 6.37.44 PM.png
No More Hurt

This is a tremendous study for small groups, and pastors with their wives to stay unoffended.

Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 6.48.13 PM.png
No More Hurt | Workbook
Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 6.52.02 PM.png
Victory Every Day!

How to live in VICTORY every single day as the battles rages forward. This book and workbook together solidify the Word of God’s principles to live in VICTORY EVERYDAY.

Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 6.55.09 PM.png
Victory Every Day! | Workbook
Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 6.57.48 PM.png
Going Through the Fire

As Pastor Rhonda Spencer was going through the fire with the attack of cancer in her body, she penned this book to encourage others to never give up!

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